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Posted On February 22, 2011

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Yes it’s at that hour i wrote this….anyways, b4cky is BACK!(lol) here is an annoying story i thought about:

Firstt First, i enterd entered my computer(PC)’s VBA(Visual boy advance, for rookies), and then, it all freez’d freezed

o oh SH1@/`>^¨^+_)((%%”!||!!” i went on. THEN, tucker the weirdo entered.

“Tuck, what the Fu<<`@£¤¦³¼~~{}}][!@?!” …

Well yeah it was annoying, anybody thinks about what it would look like in year 2145? I do!

 Here’s the banner that’ll monitor my opinions, i just finished it! 😀


I think that in the future, we’ll entirely(not ENTIRELY, but still)remain on hyper-technology(that’s why nerds will PWN us all in 10 years), we’ll have stuff like high-tech boots that create a magnetic wave of sound at each step….and that has a built-in rocket booster.Cemetaries will have floating computer guards everywhere that monitor each corpse(creeepy…if you were dead and knew someone or something was standing in front of you, keeping track of your health day and night….stalking…).And separating celebrity corpses like Hatsune Miku’s(She might be dead at THAT time), Madonna’s…(i knew she’d die one day)…well yeah, also, malls would look extremely cool because the shops could move around(Makes maps pointless), and there’ll be an iPhonic-Pad(random name) invented that can size-shift(that will leave travel cases USELESS!, since it could fit in your pocket) And we’ll all be dressed Hatsune Miku style, (LOL! Maybe not all, but some people)


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