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Posted On February 23, 2011

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 Yeah, so i was bored, i decided to make this to reduce my boredom.

I’m currently making it, lol, so i’ll let you guys n ghouls enjoy this:

<—- i LOVE azumanga daioh!


You guys really wanna see it? REALLY? REALLY REALLY? Rea….OK, i’ll show it.

*switches suspense music on*

Blue:Hey, what does idk mean?

Purple: i don’t know -_-

Blue:OMG! Nobody knows!!

Lol sorry guys! i couldn’t make it bigger!

Now…. time for another……

Woop! 2nd! Now we’re talking about how the world would look like when it will be sieged under pollution. Well, there’ll be no trees, no humans, no animals,  NO LIFE…nah, change of subject, here is a contest, and YES, YOU viewers will decide WHO wins! =D

So….check THIS out….

So….who wins? Backyardigans or Rihanna?


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