Nendoroid Mania!!!

Posted On March 31, 2011

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I was just skipping by J-box when i found this awesome Nendoroid!

<—- God her hair looks awesome!

Definintly worth buying! But i don’t know the anime . And the price is too raised up -_-

I also found this cute gal:

<—– Cirno!! *_*

I also adored this one:

<—- i love this version of Black Rock Shooter ^^

I love Nendoroid’s ability to turn cute into extra-cute or kakoii into kawaii!

I would love one of my Anime characters being Turned Figma, Azone or Nendoroid. 😀



One Response to “Nendoroid Mania!!!”

  1. d0ntl00kb4ck

    Sorry guys and gals for the misplaced text -_-

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