GOD!! I’m so excited!!

Posted On April 9, 2011

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Hey there people! Soon i’m gonna get a PSP!!! 😀 YAY! *_* I got one at Best Buy for 116$ instead of 169$!! 😀 I can’t wait!!! So i keep telling myself “I’m gonna get that PSP!, i’m gonna get that PSP, TODAY,TODAY,TODAY,TODAY!”<—LOL.

So i wanted to show you guys what i found on J-list today!, MORE PASWG! Since i know it’s weird that a girl fangirls over a girl, b

ut i’ve been fangirling over Kneesocks because of her easy blushing and beautifully cute face!!  i found rubber straps of scanty and KNEESCOCKS!!! 😀 Even Stocking’s “Bone Neko” And Chuck and Fastener! EVEN PANTY AND STOCKING POLE-DANCING ANGEL-MODE!! 😀

Here are my faves:

Kneesocks’s face is uber cute! i also found the CREAM OF THE CROP, even though a “came out of nowhere” parody, it’s my two favorites fused together!!:

Yay Nyanty and Unyucking with Thirdeye!(wtf?!) I support a maid’s life(touhou youtube nico nico douga show) yuri!! Like PatchyXMarisa!: Watch the beautiful couple, AND here’s a bonus sneak peek to see if it’s good for you:

Sakuya with pads.

Meiling sleeping and dozing off

Meiling being knifed by Sakuya



Patchouli with an all new personality!


Youmu’s Grandfather!


Xmas special!


Enough? then go check it out! Just type on youtube “Life of a maid Touhou” Or “Everyday Life Touhou”  Rock on! 😀

Wish me luck for my PSP!(I know what you’ll say: “Don’t tell me what to do!!” XD)


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