GOD!! I’m so excited!!

Posted On April 9, 2011

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Hey there people! Soon i’m gonna get a PSP!!! 😀 YAY! *_* I got one at Best Buy for 116$ instead of 169$!! 😀 I can’t wait!!! So i keep telling myself “I’m gonna get that PSP!, i’m gonna get that PSP, TODAY,TODAY,TODAY,TODAY!”<—LOL.

So i wanted to show you guys what i found on J-list today!, MORE PASWG! Since i know it’s weird that a girl fangirls over a girl, b

ut i’ve been fangirling over Kneesocks because of her easy blushing and beautifully cute face!!  i found rubber straps of scanty and KNEESCOCKS!!! 😀 Even Stocking’s “Bone Neko” And Chuck and Fastener! EVEN PANTY AND STOCKING POLE-DANCING ANGEL-MODE!! 😀

Here are my faves:

Kneesocks’s face is uber cute! i also found the CREAM OF THE CROP, even though a “came out of nowhere” parody, it’s my two favorites fused together!!:

Yay Nyanty and Unyucking with Thirdeye!(wtf?!) I support a maid’s life(touhou youtube nico nico douga show) yuri!! Like PatchyXMarisa!: Watch the beautiful couple, AND here’s a bonus sneak peek to see if it’s good for you:

Sakuya with pads.

Meiling sleeping and dozing off

Meiling being knifed by Sakuya



Patchouli with an all new personality!


Youmu’s Grandfather!


Xmas special!


Enough? then go check it out! Just type on youtube “Life of a maid Touhou” Or “Everyday Life Touhou”  Rock on! 😀

Wish me luck for my PSP!(I know what you’ll say: “Don’t tell me what to do!!” XD)


Nendoroid Mania!!!

Posted On March 31, 2011

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I was just skipping by J-box when i found this awesome Nendoroid!

<—- God her hair looks awesome!

Definintly worth buying! But i don’t know the anime . And the price is too raised up -_-

I also found this cute gal:

<—– Cirno!! *_*

I also adored this one:

<—- i love this version of Black Rock Shooter ^^

I love Nendoroid’s ability to turn cute into extra-cute or kakoii into kawaii!

I would love one of my Anime characters being Turned Figma, Azone or Nendoroid. 😀


Otaku girls.

Posted On March 31, 2011

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Hi there! Anybody just kept saying straight girls who like girlXgirl or guyXgirl eroge is impossible? Believe me, it is possible. I personally am one. I’m not an Otaku, i just really enjoy watching Eroge like Rosario+Vampire and Sora No Otoshimono. The first ecchi anime/manga i fell in love for is Rosario+Vampire. Definintly i hated Moka at start, but Vampire Moka was an absolutely awesome character. Then came my love for Yuri, since i craved the Strawberry Panic! manga that usually involves a freshman girl dating a senior girl, and i truly loved it! I also liked To Love!Trouble manga due to the funny comic and uber cute characters! The only eroge i hated was Love Hina, the storyline wasn’t catchy at all and the manga was far better than the anime. A non-eroge anime i truly adored was Lucky Star, seriously, it was yet such a funny anime! I loved Lucky Channel, especially when they talk about Tsundere’s(hehe!) 😀

It was so addicting that i decided to create my own eroge manga, full of panty-shots, sexiness and comedy! I truly wanted to make something both boys and girls could enjoy, but it wasn’t easy, since girls usually hate eroge. So i decided a catchy storyline, a bit of romance, and gradually some eroge, which means the higher the volume the person is reading, the more eroge there will be.  One other thing about me is that i hate Yaoi more than anything! It’s super disgusting =_=

Needless is another eroge anime i enjoyed, although i didn’t understad a thing since the only subs i could find was in spanish, so it was pretty hard to understand, but starting from episode 2 i started to understand it way better!

A great ecchi i watched(and L-O-V-E-D) was Nurse Witch Komugi-chan. It was so awesome i am SO watching season 2! Non-human perverts are awesome!

I also LOVED Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt(since it was very cartoon-ish) and can’t wait for season 2!!

So i decided to start playing eroge PC games. I did house chores for more than 2 weeks(10$ per day) and finally got enough to buy one eroge i wanted! Although it was hard, since i didn’t really want naked girls(sort of disgusts me)i really wanted something moe.

I fell on tea society of a witch, a cheap, kawaii game that seemed interesting, but the graphics were pretty low quality and the subtitles,too.  I also liked Touhou project games, although i don’t understand “shoot ’em up” ‘s at all! I love Touhou project because of the wacky awesome characters(GIRLS! ONLY GIIIRLS! :D) But shoot ’em up’s kind of bored me.

The new PASWG(Panty and stocking with garterbelt) products were so attractive i felt an urge to buy them!

<—– I need her!! O.O

The Stocking figure was uber cute! But the Panty figure was sort of…well, plain. And Nendoroid Panty’s expressions weren’t very attractive either. They were awesome but their price made my mouth fall to the floor! 50$!!! Probably ’cause they’re new, i hope their prices may reduce a little in the future! (O.O;;)

<—– The legendary(and dirty)duo of wacky angels(maybe devils)!

<—–LMAO! Stocking always had a sweet tooth!

There were also some other products that made me feel sad their prices were so high up!

<—-Really want this one! So cute! But 32$ isn’t very resonable -_-

Awww! Good stuff always cost alot! D:

Another great game i saw was “Criminal Girls” , i would have bought it immediatly if it wasn’t only for PSP(i once had one, but traded it for a DS, and i regret that since all the fun is on PSP -_- And DS has terrible graphics)

<—-So cute and moe! 😀 But only for PSP =_=

Gaia online cartoon/Manga

Posted On February 23, 2011

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 Yeah, so i was bored, i decided to make this to reduce my boredom.

I’m currently making it, lol, so i’ll let you guys n ghouls enjoy this:

<—- i LOVE azumanga daioh!


You guys really wanna see it? REALLY? REALLY REALLY? Rea….OK, i’ll show it.

*switches suspense music on*

Blue:Hey, what does idk mean?

Purple: i don’t know -_-

Blue:OMG! Nobody knows!!

Lol sorry guys! i couldn’t make it bigger!

Now…. time for another……

Woop! 2nd! Now we’re talking about how the world would look like when it will be sieged under pollution. Well, there’ll be no trees, no humans, no animals,  NO LIFE…nah, change of subject, here is a contest, and YES, YOU viewers will decide WHO wins! =D

So….check THIS out….

So….who wins? Backyardigans or Rihanna?

17:20=Boredom -_-

Posted On February 22, 2011

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Yes it’s at that hour i wrote this….anyways, b4cky is BACK!(lol) here is an annoying story i thought about:

Firstt First, i enterd entered my computer(PC)’s VBA(Visual boy advance, for rookies), and then, it all freez’d freezed

o oh SH1@/`>^¨^+_)((%%”!||!!” i went on. THEN, tucker the weirdo entered.

“Tuck, what the Fu<<`@£¤¦³¼~~{}}][!@?!” …

Well yeah it was annoying, anybody thinks about what it would look like in year 2145? I do!

 Here’s the banner that’ll monitor my opinions, i just finished it! 😀


I think that in the future, we’ll entirely(not ENTIRELY, but still)remain on hyper-technology(that’s why nerds will PWN us all in 10 years), we’ll have stuff like high-tech boots that create a magnetic wave of sound at each step….and that has a built-in rocket booster.Cemetaries will have floating computer guards everywhere that monitor each corpse(creeepy…if you were dead and knew someone or something was standing in front of you, keeping track of your health day and night….stalking…).And separating celebrity corpses like Hatsune Miku’s(She might be dead at THAT time), Madonna’s…(i knew she’d die one day)…well yeah, also, malls would look extremely cool because the shops could move around(Makes maps pointless), and there’ll be an iPhonic-Pad(random name) invented that can size-shift(that will leave travel cases USELESS!, since it could fit in your pocket) And we’ll all be dressed Hatsune Miku style, (LOL! Maybe not all, but some people)

Touhoumon-Evolution problems?

Posted On February 19, 2011

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Have you ever wondered why at lv.18, your Reimu\Marisa\Sakuya hasn’t evolved?


Don’t worry! b4cky knows how you feel!

First, check the touhoudex online and check the level of evolution.

then, if your gal dosen’t evolve at at least 20, aim for lv.23(My Reimu evolved at that one)

If it passes that level, check your patches.

Hope it helped! =D




Posted On February 17, 2011

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[Meaningless post]look:

<—-ooooo! Brunette Ashley T.!!! SEXY! ;D

<—-Too old to play? “I shall make of thee Bratz a horny…uhhh..rising star in business!”

<—–Blonde Santa! No meat! DUH! =_=


Posted On February 16, 2011

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[Drunk Post]Hi there it’s ME! just sayin’ ^^


<—–FAKE! she wears pink nail polish -_-(Lady GaGa COULDN’T!!!)

<—–She looks too ugly and normal. Look at her LASHES!!! O.O They just couldn’t make the AUTHENTIC GAGA COME AROUND!!!(Surely because she refused to be part of a kid’s program -_-)

Hello world!

Posted On February 16, 2011

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